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Edupath and the San Francisco Public Library are partnering to bring you free SAT & ACT prep classes, taught by veteran instructors and tailored to your individual goals. Classes will combine live instruction with Edupath's College Passport SAT & ACT, free mobile apps that help students find colleges, get SAT & ACT prep, and manage their college applications right from their iPhone or iPad.

  • Workshops are free and priority registration to high school juniors. There is a limit of 25 students per class.
  • The registration system allows students to sign up for one class only. Once a workshop assignment has been made, students may only switch to another workshop if space is available.
  • Space permitting, students can join a two or four class series at any point, but we do ask that you make a commitment to attend all of the classes in a series.
  • Upon registering, there will be an on-screen confrimation of your registration status. Please DO NOT email us to confirm your registration. If you're not sure about your registration status, we encourage you to attend class and we'll do our best to make space for you!
  • Please ensure at least basic familiarity with the SAT or ACT by downloading either app prior to the first day of class.
  • There may be up to two hours of homework between classes. Students who complete the homework and participate in class achieve noticeably higher score improvements.

Course Descriptions

Register above for any of the following classes:

  • 10 hour SAT or ACT Intensive - You'll learn test strategy to help you score high even when you don't know the answer, how to tackle the toughest trick questions with aplomb, and how to put it all in context with your college goals.This class will take place over four weeks leading up to an actual SAT/ACT administration.
  • SAT single-subject (SAT Math, SAT Critical Reading, SAT Writing) - These 4-hour courses are intensive, subject-specific courses.
  • College Essay Writing - This 3-hour clinic will introduce students to best practices for essay writing, and will offer personalized supervision as students prepare their personal statements for college.
  • Paying for College - This 2-hour course provides a primer for parents and students navigating the financial aid process.
  • College Admissions Overview - This 2-hour course teaches students everything they need to know about applying to college. This course is ideal for students who have not yet taken the SAT/ACT.