The edupath foundation is a non-profit resource and advocate for under-resourced students, families, teachers, and schools. We promote college readiness and accessibility by marshalling the academic, technological, and financial resources most conducive to college placement and student achievement. We are a catalyst for students who have the potential to be the first in their families to attend college. Our mission is to transform students? lives by expanding access to the college preparatory technologies and services that drive educational success.


There has never been a more critical time to address educational accessibility. We must ensure that the lack of test-prep resources and college advising in underserved communities does not prevent students from pursuing a post-secondary education. In our increasingly knowledge-based economy, both the life opportunities of young people and the global competitiveness of our country depend on expanding access to college preparatory resources.


Everything we do supports our objective of creating universal access to resources that support college readiness and placement. Our vision is create a system that equips high school students with the set of knowledge and skills they need to pursue and complete a college degree. We do this by leveraging resources and partnerships from the fields of education, technology, and philanthropy so all students can realize their dream of a college education.

The edupath foundation advocates for students, families and educators, distributes technological and financial resources, and organizes stakeholders to help ensure a successful and affordable college admissions experience.


The edupath foundation delivers programs and partners with institutions that support our mission of expanding college access.

  1. Subsidies for Test-Prep - Academic tutoring and test prep in a student?s sophomore, junior, and senior year can significantly improve rates of high-school graduation and college matriculation. However, the kinds of highly personalized services and resources that most dramatically impact student outcomes are also prohibitively expensive for many students. To make these services more accessible, the edupath foundation subsidizes enrollment and subscription fees for test-prep and tutoring services.

  1. Mentoring and Advising - We connect students and families to mentors to provide guidance through the transition from high school to college. Mentors help students: 1)develop high school course plans that develop core skills and meet college requirements; 2)identify colleges with academic programs that will enrich students intellectually and prepare them professionally; 3)navigate the financial considerations of attending college, evaluate colleges? financial aid offerings, and find resources that will lessen their families? financial burden; 4)prepare a college application and personal statement that reflect their talent and potential.

  1. College Scholarships - The edupath foundation awards college scholarships from $500 to $1000 to students who demonstrate outstanding improvement in their SAT and ACT scores. Students who invest the most time in test-prep not only see the most substantial rise in scores, but also develop time-management skills and problem-solving techniques that lay the foundation for future academic success. Our scholarship program recognizes students who show the focus, discipline, and commitment crucial to success on the SAT and ACT and in college.

  1. Partnerships - We recognize that expanding college access requires the collaboration of the institutions that most directly shape educational opportunity and achievement. The edupath foundation leverages partnerships with stakeholders in secondary and post-secondary education, the test-prep industry, the college advising community, the student loan sector, government, and philanthropy to ensure we can provide the support, expertise, and preparation students need to pursue a college education.